Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilt Market Day Zero

I made it to Houston without any big surprises. I like surprises in many areas but sure not when flying. My room wasn't ready but that was fine. Armed with my free warm walnut chocolate chip cookie (a girl has to keep up her strength!), I headed to the convention center to pick up my show catalog.

Even though the show doesn't open until Sat the convention center was buzzing with activity. Yellow forklifts were everywhere moving freight to the appropriate location. Many large companies ship in these huge wooden containers.

I remember the first time Darlene and I visited this market. We looked down on the sales floor and commented it didn't look THAT big. We thought we'd probably be finished in 1/2 a day - a day at the most. Famous last words! We probably walked 10 miles that market and had to hurry to finish it in the 3 allotted days. I'm here alone this time so will not have a lot of dilly dally time.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at 10:00 and plan to go to Schoolhouse. Schoolhouse is an entire day of classes and presentations. It's a time for designers to introduce new fabric, books, gadgets, patterns, etc.

More pics tomorrow evening.


  1. Have fun. And with the description of walking 10 miles and the looks of that showroom floor you need more of those cookies.

  2. Great idea! Of course, those cookies would be great for any event. Maybe when you're playing in the snow in WY!