Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quilt Market Day 2 -- My Adventure Ends

It was hard to sleep last night thinking of all I'd seen yesterday. Awards are presented in various categories for those who have exceptional booths.

........yes that is an automobile! Today I saw a man dressed up as Superman complete with blue tights and a cape. You're probably lucky I couldn't find my camera quickly. I may need some serious counseling after seeing something like that.

Market is a time for businesses both large and small to show their best. Sometimes that means the boss has to work. Here's the owner of Moda looking over paperwork at the Moda booth. Who knows - he might have been waiting for the next client! I'd be kind of nervous if he were showing me fabric. What do you mean you don't like that fabric?!

Remember I was working on something I couldn't show you? Here it is: Lynette Anderson's new fabric. The pattern will be posted on Lecien's website soon. It's a fun quilt to make.

Here's the label I made for the back.

The Primitive Quilts magazine booth was filled with projects found in the Winter issue. I hope mine is waiting for me at home!

Several antique dealers attended. They had everything from buttons to jewelry to feed sacks to quilts. I couldn't help myself. I bought 3 quilts. I justified their purchase by the fact that I had extra room in my luggage......there's benefits to bringing just enough clothes to get through the trip. I plan to reproduce the quilts so you will be seeing them in the future. Meanwhile, here's one that I passed on (for now) because it was too big and heavy. Sigh....

My adventure ends early tomorrow morning. I have a shuttle scheduled to pick me up at 6:05. They've already called to confirm I'm leaving as planned. It's been fun but I'm ready to get home and back into my schedule. For those who are visiting my blog to get Sew Graceful updates, feel free to continue to pop in. I will have a regular newsletter ready to send as always on Thursday.

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