Monday, February 23, 2015

Kitty Kitty

Most of what I've been working on can't be shown yet but, trust me, I've been a busy gal.  Since I enjoy looking at old postcards, this project was right up my alley.  An enterprising person got the idea to take antique postcards and print them on fabric.  They provide a simple pattern and the result is a nice size wall hanging. 

At first I thought the fabric would be very stiff but it's a nice soft quality. Each postcard comes with a paper backing which is removed once you're ready to sew.  I like the paper backing because it keeps the postcard fabric from becoming distorted.  Some simple strip piecing you've got the piece together before you know it.  I'll quilt it in the ditch with my Bernina.

If you'd like a kit, they will be available soon at Sew Graceful Quilting.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Binding is so relaxing

Call me crazy but I enjoy binding a quilt.  I can't imagine setting a quilt aside for weeks or months waiting for binding.  Today I'm sewing the binding on "When the Cold Wind Blows" which was designed by Blackbird Designs.  My friend, Joan, and I were at her lake home this summer when we were inspired to make this quilt.  After a trip to Sew Graceful Quilting to choose fabrics, Joan took everything home and began designing and sewing.  A few months later she handed the finished blocks off to me and I sewed them together.  Darlene at Sew Graceful Quilting quilted it. 

I will post a photo of the entire quilt later this week after I have a chance to hang it.  If you'd like to make the quilt too, you can get more info by going to the Sew Graceful website.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun little pillows

I love the feeling of accomplishment upon completing a large project.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the time necessary to devote to a large project so will just enjoy the small finishes for a while.  These seasonal pillows are all Buttermilk Basin designs and are all very quick to stitch and finish. 

I can't decide which is my favorite.  How about you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Over the Top

What a blustery cold spell we've endured the past week.  Today the sun is shining but with the wind, the wind chill is in the 20s.  It's a great day to stay inside and enjoy looking through the spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.

I am honored to have a project in this issue.  In fact, I will have two projects in each issue during 2015.  I designed a seasonal wall hanging for each issue.  One will be shown in cotton and the other in wool applique on a cotton background.  I thought it would be fun to show how cotton and wool versions differ. 

My spring piece is entitled "Over the Top".  Here's the cotton version.

Here's the wool version.

Both are made using Diamond Textile homespun fabrics.  I love working with homespun fabrics and hope you like these projects.  If you're interested in a kit, you can purchase one at Sew Graceful Quilting.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A fun Christmas gift

One of my friends has a sweet little girl who celebrated her first Christmas in 2014.  I wanted to do something for her but knew since it was her first Christmas she would get lots of gifts from Mommy and Daddy, grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles and just about everyone who met the little cuttie.  So I decided to make her something.  I started with this basket and these two guys.

I made a mattress and pillow for the basket.  The mattress is filled with 4 layers of cotton batting.  It's tufted to give it an old fashioned mattress appearance. I made a pillow and then the pillow case.  Although you can't see inside the case, the seam is not just an ordinary seam -- it's a French seam.  Nothing is too good for this little girl.

The monkeys are going to need a quilt to keep them warm during these long winter naps.  So I pieced a quilt front and back.  I quilted it on my Bernina (even quilted in the little girl's name).

Here's the finished product.  I think she loved it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

It was a warm Thanksgiving

For over 20 years while in the Air Force I did everything I could to spend Thanksgiving at home.  Now that I'm retired, I enjoy spending Thanksgiving away.  We decided to spend our holiday in Tucson this year.  It was a very good choice according to my sun loving husband.  We enjoyed 83 degree weather on the official holiday but the entire week was beautiful. 

We are Holiday Inn fans so choose that chain when we can.  This was the sign on the back of our door in Gallup.  Yikes!  What could be happening that would cause the room rate to increase to that amount?!

We enjoyed our drive over the White Mountains even though it seemed like we doubled back and forth many times.

Every day in Tucson was spent enjoying nature.  Saguaro National Park where we never tired of looking at the saguaro cactus.

Botanical Gardens where we especially enjoyed the butterfly garden....

......and the itty bitty blue frog.

Old Tucson where many of Mike's favorite TV shows and movies were filmed. 

Colossal Cave where we learned cottonwood trees provide late November beauty.

The Tucson Zoo where we enjoyed watching the newest addition to the zoo: a not yet named baby girl elephant.  She was born August 2014 and weighed 245 pounds at birth.  She had such a personality -- full of mischief. 

Of course, I brought stitching with me.  Here's one project I worked on.  I plan to choose sashing and border fabric and hope to have them sewn into a wall hanging next week.

Today I'm writing the pattern for Camp Runamuk.  My friend designed and stitched the blocks.  I sewed them together and am drawing the pattern templates and writing instructions.  I'll post a photo as soon as the weather clears so I can get a good photo. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

To Continue or Not

Recently I've thought about my blog and whether I want to continue keeping it active or hit the delete button and send it into neverland.  I decided to keep it for a couple of reasons.  It motivates me to work on projects so I can share (unfortunately a lot of what I work on can't be shared until later but that's OK).  It also is a history without having to journal on paper.  I look back to previous entries and they bring back a flood of memories. 

My fall was very busy.  I helped Sew Graceful Quilting with vending events in Springfield MO and Quilt Congress in Mountain View AR.  I spoke at the Green Country Guild in Tulsa OK and the Saline Guild in Benton AR.  In between all that, I spent 10 fun-filled days at quilt market/festival in Houston. 

I recently finished this Cricket Street Wool design, A Sign of Christmas.  It finished 13" x 13" and you can get your own kit for it at

I'm tying up loose ends today....feel like the ends keep getting moved but I'll persist and find the ends and tie them securely.  LOL.