Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another one ready to sew

Ahhhhhh......I feel so much better.  I took some "me" time and have my fourth Baltimore album block ready to sew. 

If you've never tackled a bias vine vase (say that fast three times!) you should give it a shot.  It's easy and is sure to impress all your friends. 

According to the order in which I received my blocks, I should do a border next.  I have the templates cut but don't know if I'm ready to tackle it yet.  I am working on some projects for the Sew Graceful Holiday Extravaganza to be held August 13.  I usually can bounce from project to project, but once I start a Baltimore block I have tunnel vision.  I can't help's not a bad it's not (insert smiling face here). 

Hope you have had some time to play in your tunnel whether it's quilting, stitching, hooking, cooking, gardening or whatever. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The fun begins!

Finally.....a little time to work on Friends of Baltimore.  I ironed templates on last night

and am making 1/8" - yes 1/8" - bias today

Sigh.....I'm a happy girl!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still no Baltimore!

Do you ever look at a pattern and think "Oh that won't take long" or "Oh I want to make that and that and that"?  I'm afraid that's where I am at the moment.  Too many projects and not enough time to accomplish everything.  I am almost finished with the Christmas quilt but am already thinking 4 projects ahead. 

Been making circles.

And sewing swags

The finished quilt be offered as a block of the month at Sew Graceful Quilting.  If you're local, you can see it and lots of other projects I'm working on during their fall open house Sat, Aug 13.

I'm still itching to work on the Baltimore.  I have the template made, fabrics pulled and just need to find some time to start this block.  The most fun part will be the bias stem vase - looks daunting but it oh so fun!

Before I start it I must do some cross stitch charting.  I chart for Merry Cox and had better get the chart ready for the Just Cross Stitch event in Williamsburg later this year.  Be sure to check out both sites - Merry offers some wonderful on-line classes for those who can't make it to one of her workshops.

Hope you have a great week......and that you're working on only ONE project......instead of the 6 or so I'm tackling!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We interrupt progress on the Baltimore album quilt for.........

.......vacation.  Now don't get me wrong; I love vacations as much as anyone but vacationing and album quilts just don't go together.  Consequently, I don't have any new blocks to show.

For quite some time I've wanted to go to the Vermont quilt show so we packed up the car and headed out for our road trip.  Unfortunately, about a million other people decided to travel at the same time.  Ok - maybe not a million but it seemed like that!

Our first destination was Bar Harbor Maine where we saw lots of these on our ocean excursion. 

Roses were in abundance and the air smelled so wonderful.  We ate lots of fish, took a few walks and generally relaxed.  The motel where we stayed offered us a free room upgrade so we felt very pampered in our $650 per night room (we paid far less than that).  Only excitement happened when we had to be rescued from our elevator.  Power went out just as the elevator door closed so we spent about 30 minutes waiting for the fire deparment to open the door.  Good news is that I now know how to use the elevator emergency telephone.

On the way to our next destination, I got to visit a very well known wool business - Dorr Mill - located in a the hills of New Hampshire.  Wool was everywhere....I mean everywhere.....really.  

Our next stop was Fort Ticongeroga, New York.  Last time we were in the area the fort was closed for the season so a stop was on our list.  It was interesting to visit such a historic location.  We also took a side trip and drove up Mount Defiance. 

Next stop was Burlington, Vermont for the quilt show.  This was the 35th show - it's the oldest and largest show in New England.  Go to Vermont Quilt Festival to see a photo of the best of show quilt.  As usual, the quilt was much prettier in person.  The special exhibits were wonderful too. 

While in Burlington, one MUST visit the Shelburne Museum.  It's not open year round so be sure to check dates/times before you plan a trip.  They do an outstanding job displaying quilts.  Imagine a book with the spine nailed to the wall.  Each quilt is enclosed in a huge glass enclosure that can be turned just like pages in a book. 

Next stop was to visit the shop the ladies who publish Primitive Quilts and Projects own.  It is a charming shop located in Williamstown WV.  I'd hoped to pick up the fall issue to bring back to Sew Graceful Quilting but was about a week too early.  Here's a photo of their shop but you can see more by going to their blog and looking at the Apr 27 entry.  Cute, huh??!

We'd planned a side trip to Virginia to visit the quilt museum there (I have the BEST husband in the world who always indulges me in side trips!) but I was getting antsy to come home.  We decided to save that visit until later. 

I've been busy making berries for a Christmas project.  I should have it ready to show next time.  Until then, hope you find some time to stitch.