Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another one ready to sew

Ahhhhhh......I feel so much better.  I took some "me" time and have my fourth Baltimore album block ready to sew. 

If you've never tackled a bias vine vase (say that fast three times!) you should give it a shot.  It's easy and is sure to impress all your friends. 

According to the order in which I received my blocks, I should do a border next.  I have the templates cut but don't know if I'm ready to tackle it yet.  I am working on some projects for the Sew Graceful Holiday Extravaganza to be held August 13.  I usually can bounce from project to project, but once I start a Baltimore block I have tunnel vision.  I can't help's not a bad it's not (insert smiling face here). 

Hope you have had some time to play in your tunnel whether it's quilting, stitching, hooking, cooking, gardening or whatever. 


  1. I am impressed but than you always impress me. Very beautiful. I'm always in a tunnel :)

  2. Oh I am so jealous, a beautiful Baltimore Album block all prepped and ready to stitch. Enjoy the stitching!

  3. Kathleen - I have time to do blocks like this 'cause I don't have a groundhog to battle. Glad you won the battle!!

    Cheri - Thanks. Now if we'd just get a few feet of snow life would be perfect. Probably isn't going to happen any time soon though.