Friday, November 21, 2014

To Continue or Not

Recently I've thought about my blog and whether I want to continue keeping it active or hit the delete button and send it into neverland.  I decided to keep it for a couple of reasons.  It motivates me to work on projects so I can share (unfortunately a lot of what I work on can't be shared until later but that's OK).  It also is a history without having to journal on paper.  I look back to previous entries and they bring back a flood of memories. 

My fall was very busy.  I helped Sew Graceful Quilting with vending events in Springfield MO and Quilt Congress in Mountain View AR.  I spoke at the Green Country Guild in Tulsa OK and the Saline Guild in Benton AR.  In between all that, I spent 10 fun-filled days at quilt market/festival in Houston. 

I recently finished this Cricket Street Wool design, A Sign of Christmas.  It finished 13" x 13" and you can get your own kit for it at

I'm tying up loose ends today....feel like the ends keep getting moved but I'll persist and find the ends and tie them securely.  LOL.