Sunday, January 23, 2011

It Arrived!!

Yes.  The cutter finally arrived!  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of designing a quilt so didn't do much more than to open the box and look at it.  I took a photo to prove it's here and maybe, just maybe, I'll have some photos of a rug in progress to share soon.

Here's a preview of the quilt I'm designing. 

Here's a block I worked on during mom's chemo session.  It's close to being finished (hopefully I'll have it done later this week when I get to meet with my applique group).

It will join this block

To become this quilt.

I received this book for Christmas from a wonderful friend.  Snow days are absolutely perfect for snuggling up with a good book and thoughts of times past. 

The past week was mostly good - mom had a few bad days but overall I'd call it a good week.  She has a birthday tomorrow and I think she deserves something special.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  Make some time for yourself.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Updates from last week

Several things to update from last week.  Here's the Sager Creek quilt with borders.  I really like the pink rick rack.  Once it's quilted, Pam will scallop the edges. 

Binding a scalloped quilt makes me think about binding quilts in general.  I notice Sager Creek is offering a binding class Wed, Feb 2 or Sat, Feb 5, 9:30-12:00.  Just thought I'd mention that in case you're wondering how to properly bind a quilt.

Another update.  I put together the 4 patches I made last week into this quilt.  Kits are available at Sew Graceful Quilting.  Kits aren't on the website yet so you'll need to call or, better yet, stop by to get your kit.

Update on hooking.  Called to check on the status of my cutter.  Apparently, the manufacturer was waiting on a part for my 8.5 cut apparatus.  Part has been received and the cutter should go to the UPS truck this week.  So.........soon I will have NO reason not to be hooking!

Update on Mom.  Chemo for 3 consecutive was "interesting."  She tolerated it very well.  We will do it all over again in 2 1/2 weeks -- 3 consecutive days every treatment.  Followed by a shot a day later.  We are so grateful for every day she feels like herself.  I am so sad when she isn't her usual upbeat self. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playtime and Rug Hooking

As promised in my last post, here's the Playtime quilt I put together for Sager Creek Quilts.  They're offering it as a block of the month - a bargain at only $15 per month.

The other afternoon I was talking with a good friend who gently reminded me I hadn't posted any progress on my rug.  I am waiting for my cutter to arrive.......ok.......ok.......that's a pretty lame excuse since I do have bags of strips I could use.  But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Here's what I've accomplished so far.  I do plan to make some progress once that cutter arrives. 

Yesterday I played with some applique and 4 patches.  These days 4 patches are about the most my mind can handle.  As soon as this project is ready, I'll post a photo.

Mom was supposed to have her first chemo treatment last week but wasn't feeling well.  The oncologist delayed it until this week but then dropped a bombshell that he's decided to treat it very aggressively so she has chemo Thurs, Fri, and Sat this week.  Last week I heard the best words I've heard for quite some time:   "it's potentially curable."  Amazing how those 3 little words can mean so much.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  Until next time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Civil War Bride Quilt Block #9

Gosh it seems like ages since I last posted.  A lot has happened the past two weeks:  some good and some not so good. 

I finished block #9 of the Civil War Bride quilt. 

For those who are familiar with the pattern you will notice the peacock has hidden her feet behind pesky leaves.  As in a previous block, I wasn't about to wrestle with all those teeny tiny toes.  Amazing how easily hiding behind a leaf makes the block go! 

Here's my progress on the quilt. 

I also finished a top that will become a block of the month for Sager Creek Quilts.  Here's a sneak peak of a few of the blocks.  I will wait to show the entire quilt but will assure you it's fun and happy. 

Sew Graceful Quilting opens their retail location at 14094 Pleasant Ridge Road Jan 4.  They still have a few openings in the Friendship's Gift block of the month. 

I did get a chance to hook a little yesterday with my friend, Anne, but we gabbed so much I'm afraid I have pitifully little to share. 

I have been very busy with my mother.  That's where the good news/bad news comes in.  Good news is her colon cancer is gone and very little chance of recurrence.  The bad news is the lymphoma has spread to 2 parts of her body.  We found that out Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd) so Christmas was kind of difficult for me.  She had a chemo port "installed" last week and will start chemo this Thursday.  Of course, I'll go with her and bring my applique.  I would like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.  Please keep them coming!