Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quilt Market Day 1

I was able to get several fat quarter bundles for you to drool over at the After Market Party at Sew Graceful on Saturday. As with the past several markets, many fabric manufacturers are going with the bright contemporary look. Pretty, but it's not us.

I began my day at one of my favorite designer's booth - Blackbird Designs, of course. Unfortunately, their new book wasn't ready for market. Alma had a prototype and I was able to look through it. I think you will be pleased. We have them on order and they should ship late next week. Here's the cover of the book.

Here's a photo of their booth. It's always so pretty. As a reminder, we have the fabric used in the blue quilt on order and it should be shipping in the next few weeks. Also, they have ANOTHER new fabric line coming out next year and you will be able to see it Saturday.

Next, I visited Jan Patek's booth. She also has a new line coming out in 2012....and, yes, you will be able to see it Saturday. Here's a photo of her booth with a couple of new projects. Of course, we had to buy all of them!

A new to me designer has the most wonderful block of the month pattern. Here's a photo of the quilt in their booth. We will have the pattern for you to see on Saturday. We also bought several other of their patterns because they fit well with our primitive look.

I walked clear across the convention center to the Valdani booth so I could shop before the booth was mobbed. I speak from experience. I chose 4 boxes of new colors to expand our selection. Notice one box is the beautiful twisted perle cotton 12.

Primitive Gatherings is a "must visit" booth. Lisa has a new fabric line (yes, you'll be able to see it Saturday!) as well as a couple of new patterns. I am bringing them back. She also has a new block of the month pattern coming out in December. I'll be interested to get your reaction to it.

I think I must be very tired because it's taken an embarrassingly long time to get this little update typed. Hmmmm....wonder if my fatigue could be related to the 20 miles (it seemed like 20!) miles I walked today??!

More tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the great update, waiting to hear more on Saturday

  2. Oh my, look at all that eye candy!

  3. The new to you designer quilt looks very interesting. My kind of look.