Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unfinished Cross Stitch Projects

I was looking for something the other day and ran across a few unfinished projects I thought I'd share with you.  Mind you - there are many, many more but these were the three I happened upon. 

The first is from a workshop I took with Alma and Barb of Blackbird Designs at Primitives of the Midwest a couple of years ago.  I did finish the stitching!  I probably should make an effort to finish this one since I'm leaving in a couple of weeks to take two classes with Alma and Barb at Buggy Barn Quilts 

The next two are from Shepherd's Bush  They were both quick stitches.  I like the added buttons.  I imagine I will make small pillows rather than having them framed. 

Several friends and I are planning a road trip later this week to a visit a couple of shops so I'd better go and start a shoppping list.  That sounds like more fun than finishing........



  1. I clicked on the Buggy Barn to see where this was out. Is this a birthday present from Mike? Or to yourself? Please post pics of your classes when you come back. Hope you have a good time.
    Glad to see you have not forgotten about your cross stitching. But oh love to see those quilts you make. Your Christmas Memories is to dye for.

  2. I'm glad to see you are still working on some cross stitching as well as your quilts. Have fun on your shopping trip with your friends. I always enjoy taking a road trip with my quilting friends. We always have so much fun! You are so lucky to be able to take classes with the Blackbird ladies. Please share some pictures and stories when you get back.