Monday, September 10, 2012

A lot happened

It's been a busy few weeks.  First, my husband had another stroke in his eye.  He had one in his left eye about 4 years ago which caused blindness in the left eye.  Fortunately (and surprisingly), he regained sight.  This stroke was in the same eye but wasn't as severe.  His vision is very blurry but we are hopeful full sight will return.  The perplexing thing is what caused this stroke.  We've done lots of reading and found they are caused by high blood pressure, low blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, or diabetes -- none of which pertain to him.  He had a carotid artery ultrasound to rule out blockage or placque.  So, we are kind of in limbo.

I had a birthday.....ever have one of those birthdays where you just feel old?  Well, if so, you know what I'm saying.  I felt old.  A few days later, I experienced very quick flashes of light followed by black dots and squiggles in front of my left eye.  Yep, I have floaters to contend with now. 

A friend appliqued the center portion of this top and I added the half square triangles.  Wish I could say it was lots of fun but that would be a lie.  The pattern was very poorly written (no measurements given for the center pieced part) so I referred to the pattern that was recently published in Quiltmania.  Those measurements were incorrect but I didn't know that until the center had been appliqued.  Consequently, my sashing strip had to be cut larger so the triangles would fit. As a designer, I realize errors happen that's not what really disappointed me.....the disappointment was that the designer wouldn't even have the courtesy to answer my e-mail asking for a corrected version.  Oh well, it's over.  If you're planning to make this and would like corrected measurements, I'll be happy to share. 

This cool weather is making me itch to hand applique.  How about you?  Do you find yourself wanting to applique in cooler weather?


  1. Love your quilt and its quote, Kay! Even though it might not have been fun to make, your half-square triangle border turned out great. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's stroke in the eye and hope he regains full sight in it again soon. I recently celebrated a birthday, too, so can identify with your feelings. They just don't hold the allure they used to!

  2. Kay, Your quilt is beautiful! Sorry to hear about your husband and hope the problem will be resolved soon.
    As for your "old" birthday...welcome to the's not as bad as it seems at the time. After all...we still have our applique and our creativity to keep us young.
    Hope you had your "floater" eye checked out ~ don't mean to alarm but although most floaters are just a pain, those flashes of light could mean something more that needs attention. Blessings!
    Annie, another appliquer

  3. Hi Kay, I hope your hubby feels better soon, and gets a good report with the return of his vision. Also, I hope your eye is okay too! Have fun at the quilt show vending! We don't have a show to vend at until Market, but that is coming soon enough! Lol! Will we see you there?