Sunday, September 16, 2012

Should be a fun week

A new week with a new adventure!  The Springfield MO quilt show is this week and we are going up to vend.  I love vending at shows for several reasons:  I get to see beautiful quilts, and I get to visit with the nicest people.   

I stitched this little piece this week.  Very quick, fun, and small enough to quilt on my Bernina. 

Got over the blahs from last week.  Decided #1 - age is just a number so get over it, #2 - floaters aren't really so bad after all (I learned if you try to focus on one that it scurries away so when there's a particularly annoying one, I look at it and wha-la, it goes into hiding LOL), #3 - although my husband's vision continues to decline in his left eye, his right eye is still good and we are thankful for that.

If you're in the area and planning to go to the show in Springfield, stop by the Sew Graceful booth and say hi!

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  1. Welcome to the world of floaters! They really bothered me at first, then there were fewer, then just a couple and after several years I don't even notice them and usually forget all about 'em. Hope your husband has a successful recovery.