Saturday, August 25, 2012

We're not scary

I could start by saying good intentions, blah, blah, blah but you know where that's going.  So, I'll simply share a really fun piece I recently finished.  It's called "We're not Scary".  The designer, Jo Ann Mullaly, suggested attaching a piece of batting behind the muslin and then stitching.  Since I'd never tried the technique and am open to new ideas, I gave it a try.  I'd have to give the technique 2 thumbs up.  If you'd like a kit, you can get one at Sew Graceful Quilting.

Lately it seems like I am the queen of starting projects and not finishing them.  I've got three laying on my sewing table in various stages of finish.  Lists really help and I think it's time to get the list tablet out and use it.


  1. Such a cute project and I wasn't scared at all.

  2. Lists are great, but, the best thing about them is it gives you a good feeling when you cross each item off