Saturday, March 24, 2012

New projects

Finally.....time to work on my Baltimore album quilt.  I had most of the templates prepared so started working on the second half of the first border.

The doorbell rang and the UPS man brought me a package all the way from Japan.  Fabric from Lynette Anderson Designs was shipped Monday and sent overnight to me.  Overnight all the way from Japan!  How do they do that?!  The box contained the most yummy Christmas and Halloween fabric. 

The Christmas fabric will make this

and the Halloween fabric will make this

Both need to be finished quickly so they can be quilted and ready for spring quilt market in May.  How fun is that? 


  1. Your applique' work is really beautiful!

    Those new L.A. projects look like fun.

    1. Thanks. I'm having fun with the Christmas one. The fabric is so nice - almost feels like linen. The Halloween one is paper pieced. Haven't paper pieced in a long time so that'll be fun.

  2. Oh, how fun is that! I love the holidays. But, I have too, too many things already.

  3. It's here !! The new issue of Primitive Quilts just arrived and to my great suprise in it was one of your quilts !! Yeah !! I have long adored this quilt a Sew Graceful and now I have a copy of the pattern. Congratulations on being published in Primitive Quilts !