Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've been swamped!

I know it's been a while since I updated.  I've thought about stopping to post but have been trying to keep focused.  I just finished 2 of the 3 samples for Lynette Anderson using her new fabric lines.  The first is a Christmas quilt. 

It was interesting to make because the sleigh was appliqued to a pieced background which was appliqued to the brown pieced background.  This is a free pattern which will be available at Lecien fabric around mid-May. 

The second quilt is made with Lynette's new Halloween line.  This is her first Halloween line and if it's an indication of what she can do with a Halloween theme, I expect we will see lots more spooky fabric.  This quilt is primarily paper pieced.  It had been a while since I'd paper pieced but I quickly remembered the technique and also remembered why I enjoy paper piecing.  It's an easy way to get precise shapes. 

Notice the pumpkins are pieced and then appliqued to the background.  I need to add more black ribbon to create a bow for each pumpkin which will look like a tendril.  Just not sure exactly how I want to approach that -- if I sew on the machine the ribbon will get all smushy (and I don't like smush!) but if I want until it's quilted, the ribbon will have to be tacked (lots of work) and will get smushed as the quilt travels throughout the world.  I'll sleep on it.

I just noticed this photo is just a photo of the inner portion of the quilt.  I'll take a photo this week and show you the border.  It was all foundation pieced.....but was fun to do. 

Instead of starting on the 3rd quilt (it's another Christmas one), I am going to shampoo the carpet.  Hubby is out of town so it's a great time to shampoo and then hibernate in bed.

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