Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back from Dallas Quilt Show

Much of my free time recently has been spent getting ready for the big quilt show in Dallas.  Booths at large shows are expensive so we wanted to be sure we had enough to offer to make it worthwhile.  We'd been told to expect from 8,000-10,000 visitors.  I don't know what the official head count was but know we saw a lot of people.

The first question was will this

fit in this?

Fortunately it all fit so off we headed.  It was raining....no pouring.....so the trip took longer than expected.  We finally arrived mid-afternoon and the next big question became how will we make this look presentable?

I think we did it.

We learned from this experience and will take those lessons with us next time we vend.   For now, I'm content to be home and sleeping in my own bed.


  1. Amen for that, home and your own bed.
    It was fun and I too would of liked to know how many

  2. The booth turned out beautifully. Can't beleive it all fit into those bins.
    Looks like you have been busy. Need to have lunch sometime to catch up.

    1. Thanks! Just imagine what I could have done with a trailer!! Yes we need a catch up!