Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jean was right!

Saturday my friend Jean commented that I hadn't updated my blog in a while.  Oh my goodness!  She was right.  It's been over 3 weeks.   Glad there's no a bad blogger award because I'm afraid the trophy would be mine to keep for a while.

It's been a very busy 3 weeks.  My friends who own Sew Graceful Quilting took a much deserved vacation and left me to mind the store for a week.  It was fun to play with fabric and wool all day and visit with people who stopped by for a fix. 

Monday I gave the program at Calico Cutups in Bella Vista.  That was a lot of fun---the only bad part was putting away all the quilts I took out of cupboards. 

We are vending at the Cassville Quilt show this Saturday and Sunday so have been busy making samples for that.  I have one more block to finish for Sweet and Simple and it'll be done.  I'll post a photo next time. 

I also finished this cute little rabbit wall hanging.  The rabbits now have eyes and it's quilted.

This candle mat works up quickly and who doesn't love sheep??!

This isn't a real good photo but this is a wool heart with a pocket.  You could put anything in the pocket.

I also finished this pillow.  Again, it works up quickly.....are you sensing a "quickly" theme here?

I will try to be a better blogger  :-)


  1. Wow Kay - you've been busy!
    All of your new projects are wonderful!
    My absolutely favorite is your 1845 Pillow - I just LOVE it!

    1. Thanks! The 1845 pillow is one of my favorites. The background is flannel so it's very soft. Sew Graceful has a few kits if you are interested. As soon as the kits are all sold the pillow gets to come home!

  2. I'm so glad you updated your blog. I was getting worried about you. The 1845 pillow is really neat. I think this is my favorite one also.

  3. Kay - I know you teach the machine invisible applique at Sew Graceful. I was wondering what type sewing machine you use.