Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Border #1 - the madness begins

As I patiently cut my applique pieces I couldn't help but think about the quilting ladies who've gone on before.  How did they manage to make such wonderful pieces of art without all the modern conveniences we enjoy?  I guess that's where the daily newspaper or cereal box came in handy for making templates. 

I have almost completed the left section of the lower border.  I need to make some red berries and a few small miscellaneous pieces.  My plan was to move on to the center pot but I think I will skip it for now and make the right side. 

Those long stems on the left side will not be sewn down until the corner pot is placed when the borders are attached to the top.  They will help insure the border will flow. 

Here's a close up photo so you can see some of the fabrics I'm using.

To keep from duplicating and to keep myself organized, I made a working copy of the border and highlight each piece as I create it. 

I made a small project with about a zillion little pieces for Sew Graceful Quilting but need to remake it because of an error in the pattern.  So, guess I'll be sewing a zillion little pieces together this afternoon instead of working on my border.  I'll have a photo of the project next time.


  1. Incredibly beautiful applique' work!
    I look forward to following along as you complete this gorgeous piece.
    Your work is so inspiring - Thanks for Sharing!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Just beautiful, you are doing a wonderful job. In most of the Baltimore Albums before us they had different people working on each block. I wonder if the recipients knew what they were given, they must have for these quilts were saved.