Friday, December 30, 2011

The Fabulous First Border

Drum roll's time to start working on the first border (the one at the bottom) of the Friends of Baltimore quilt.  As a refresher, here's what the quilt will look like once completed.

I wanted to jump right in and get started but a project of this magnitude takes thought and planning.  So, I made bias stems.  Did I mention they're 1/8" bias stems?  And did I mention the borders will take miles (well, maybe not exactly miles) of bias stems? 

I cut templates, and templates, and templates.  Sue Garman, the designer, has carefully coded each piece with a letter and number so I am using numbered ziplock bags to store the templates.

I sorted fabric.  Sue suggested using clear plastic plates to hold applique shapes and fabrics.  I like her suggestion and have adopted it.

I cut the border which was scary.  What if I cut it too short?  What if it shrinks?  What if?  What if?  I took a deep breath and decided Sue covered that contingency because the corner pots are appliqued on separate squares.  Those squares will allow for "fudging" if necessary.

I'm starting near the center and working my way to the left.  Once the left is complete, I'll make the center pot and work my way to the right. goes....


  1. Oh, you are brave!!!!
    I have only done 1 block - that border gives me nightmares....
    Are you making the templates of card? Just curious...
    Success and a happy new year full of stitches!

  2. Good luck working on it; it will be lovely.

  3. You are taking a very organized approach to what looks like a very complicated applique border. At least you shouldn't be losing pieces by using the zip lock bags.

  4. I am so enjoying reading about your process for making this quilt. Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for your supportive comments!

    Jane, I use a double layer of freezer paper. I've learned how to get freezer paper to iron together without those pesky bubbles. Iron each piece separately to shrink and then iron one on top of the other.