Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Block done

Oh what fun I had making this block!   The background is the same as the other blocks - Kona Snow.  It was just a dreary day when I took the photo.  Probably didn't help that I used my IPhone either!

Here are the blocks so far.  I'm ready to start on border #1.  I have to finish another project first, though. 

Still trying to figure out why photos flip in odd ways from the phone camera to the blog photo area.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Your block is so gorgeous! It will make a stunning quilt!

  2. Beautiful block. It had to have taken a good while to stitch as there is so many little parts. The eagle block is still my favorite. I save eagle patterns for maybe combining into a quilt some day.

  3. That is a georgeous block! Very pretty when you put them together.

  4. Kay this block is just beautiful! I think it came together pretty quickly. Have fun with that border.

  5. Thanks for you nice comments everyone! Karen, I too love the eagle block. I just need to get an eye on my bird. I am thinking I will use ultrasuede because he has quite a tiny eye and it'll never be round if I use the traditional method(s).
    I'm almost finished with my "have to complete" project and then it's on to the border. Can't wait!

  6. Have a merry Christmas and a healthy and creative 2012!
    groetjes Marijke