Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Houston Here I Come!

Actually, I don't know whether anyone in Houston will really care that I'm coming.  Maybe the desk clerk.

My bags are packed.

You probably are wondering why I have a pair of socks sitting on top of my bag.  That's because they are special socks.  My friend, Clarice, took the time to knit me a pair!  Yes, I now am the proud owner of a pair of hand knitted socks!  I have friends who have knitted socks who have gloated for years about the fact I have to wear "store bought" socks.  Not any more!  The only problem is that I just cannot imagine wearing those beauties for such lowly tasks as walking the Houston convention floor.  Those babies are being saved for evening lounge wear and maybe an occasional special event where shoes are warranted.

Speaking of convention.  Here's a sample layout of  booths.  Don't fool yourself.  It may not look like much but imagine each little block is a booth filled with wonderful items.  Makes staying for only 3 days seem like that's not enough time.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I'll have photos next week.

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