Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick and easy project

Sometimes I want to work on something easy. Moda's Candy Book has several such projects. To make this piece I used a mini charm pack, a little coordinating black fabric, and a small scale shirting for the background.

I decided to quilt it this afternoon. I knew I wanted to quilt feathers in the large empty spaces. I used a stencil to guide me as I quilted the feathers.

Here's one of the baskets.

My sisters and I had Mom's estate sale Friday and Saturday. We met some nice people but also some very mean people. We were shocked at the number of people who switched price tags, and they weren't even smart about it. For example, one person removed a $25 dollar tag on a rug and replaced it with a $2 tag. Apparently, tag switching is a common occurrence at sales in this town.

I'll be back with another quick and easy finish.


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