Thursday, January 8, 2015

A fun Christmas gift

One of my friends has a sweet little girl who celebrated her first Christmas in 2014.  I wanted to do something for her but knew since it was her first Christmas she would get lots of gifts from Mommy and Daddy, grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles and just about everyone who met the little cuttie.  So I decided to make her something.  I started with this basket and these two guys.

I made a mattress and pillow for the basket.  The mattress is filled with 4 layers of cotton batting.  It's tufted to give it an old fashioned mattress appearance. I made a pillow and then the pillow case.  Although you can't see inside the case, the seam is not just an ordinary seam -- it's a French seam.  Nothing is too good for this little girl.

The monkeys are going to need a quilt to keep them warm during these long winter naps.  So I pieced a quilt front and back.  I quilted it on my Bernina (even quilted in the little girl's name).

Here's the finished product.  I think she loved it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


  1. Lucky girl! What a thoughtful gesture.

  2. This is so precious! Isn't it fun to sew a gift for someone who will love it!!

  3. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun to make.