Monday, October 29, 2012

Quilt market day 3 - the final day

Darlene and Debby left for home early this morning. I'm staying for festival to help Lynette Anderson with her booth so I took the opportunity today to just wander the sales floor and see if there were any treasures I'd missed. I spoke with several designers and picked up a few more pieced pattern ideas.

I stopped by Bunny Hill Designs and think her new spring block of the month quilt is very cute.

The bed spread on this bed is just amazing! So many ruffles! I wouldn't make it but my hat is off to anyone who wants to make it.

Booth decorations go from large, very detailed projects..... small, quick, easy projects.

These displays were very nice.

Beautiful quilt using new Renee Nanneman fabrics.

Don't forget to join Darlene and Debby this Saturday for the after market party. They have lots to share (including a new sample). They have a very limited number of the best find of the entire market.....weekly planners. These aren't your average planners - each week you will see a different quilt. The book is very high quality and would make a very nice gift for you or a friend. If you can't make it Saturday but would like one please give a quick call to Darlene at 479-372-7403 or email at I imagine they'll go fast and I'm not sure we will be able to get more.

I have never been to quilt festival so am not sure what I've gotten myself into. Tomorrow is a relax day. Wednesday we will convert a single booth into a double booth. The shoppers arrive Wednesday evening at 5 for a special preview. If I'm not too pooped, I'll give you updates.


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  1. Thanks Kay!! Loved hanging with you at Market!! Keep 'em coming!