Monday, July 23, 2012

Chocolate Bon Bons

I'm betting the title of this post got your attention if you love chocolate even half as much as I do!  Chocolate Bon Bons is the name of my quilt that's in the current issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. 

I know subscribers have received their magazine so shops should receive their shipment soon.  If you'd like a kit you can order one at Sew Graceful Quilting. 

Like me, you probably have your favorite blogs you check out regularly.  Imagine my surprise last night when I checked in with Nancy in Montana and read she liked my quilt.  I had to read her blog entry to my husband.  Here's a link to her blog is you'd like to keep up with her.

I've finished several small projects.  This little Halloween pillow was quick and fun to stitch.  I finished it with a zipper so I will be able to change it with the seasons.

I made this sheep and blanket (the blanket isn't finished quite yet).  Sew Graceful Quilting is offering it as a block of the month.  It's not on the website yet but will be soon.  In the interim, you can call Darlene at 479-372-7403 to get your name on the list.

I'm trying to get some projects ready to take on my trip to Washington DC next week.  I'm very excited about visiting the DAR museum.  It's been on my "must visit some day" list for quite some time.  The only other time I visited DC was on a bus trip from Gettysburg.  We were able to see the highlights but 2 hours at the Smithsonian is just teasing a person!  Any other secrets I don't want to miss out on?


  1. I am so thankful to Nancy for directing us to your blog! I am in the process of making your lovely quilt from the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. I LOVE that quilt!

    A visit to the DAR museum is on my list of places to visit too! Can't wait to hear how your visit goes.

  2. My gosh, after reading my original post about your Chocolate Bon Bons and the real lack of descriptive words, sure it was the heat, to describe your quilt, had to repost today and provide a link to your blog so all could see. I cringed that you read it to your husband. Have a great trip, haven't been to DC in years, way too many to count.

  3. I do love your quilt and the magazine. I want to make everything in it.

  4. Kay -- You might like to check the Textile Museum in DC.