Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 2 is over

OK....I expect we've now walked about 50 miles through the convention center. Today was our "get down to serious business" day. We placed orders for lots of fabric arriving everywhere from immediately to October. I have to admit that we had to search out the kind of fabric we like. The market is still very saturated with bright, contemporary fabrics. Don't get me wrong - we like them but they're just not us. Lots of booths like this

with this

and this

We were looking for booths that were more like these.

I am leaving tomorrow morning. Have to get home and start working on projects because I am SUPER inspired. Plus I miss seeing the five babies at the lake.

For those who are reading this in lieu of the Sew Graceful Quilting blog, we will be back Thursday with our regular newsletter. Also, hope to see you Saturday at the After Market Party!


  1. I am SEW happy to hear that you like MY KIND of fabric!! YEAH!!!!

  2. Glad there is some "traditional" fabric designers still out there for you. I am not a big fan of All the brights either.
    Glad you enjoyed the market, thanks for sharing some of what you saw with all of us bloggers.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kay. I really like the quilt with the center section of the house and two ladies.