Sunday, June 12, 2011

Block 3 of Friends of Baltimore

I have decided the Friends of Baltimore blocks are just too darn much fun.  If I didn't have other commitments, I'd spend 8 hours a day working on them.  As it is, I fit a few pieces in here and there but am always thinking of them. 

Here is the third block.  It has smaller pieces than numbers 1 and 2 but was way too much fun. 

Notice the teeny tiny circles?  I have to admit they were a challenge.  You see......Karen K Buckley's Perfect Circles don't come that small so I had to cut my own circles.  Have you ever tried to cut a perfectly round circle out of freezer paper?  It's not easy.  

Of course, the lyre will have strings embroidered.  Actually, there's quite a bit of embroidery on every block but I'm saving that until the end to do.  I don't like to get out my embroidery "stuff" and then have to put it away and then get it out a few weeks later.  

I'm putting together a block of the month so better go and cut more kits.  I promise I won't let my mind wander while I'm cutting.  Focus.  Focus.  I can do this!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Baltimore Album Book

Ever have a time when you know you've been busy?  Crazy busy like Paula of Pacific Patchwork says.  Then you try to put your finger on what you've been busy doing and can't quite figure what has happened.  Not much to show for your efforts?  That would be me.

I started on my next block of the Friends of Baltimore quilt.  I'm itching to work on it but need to finish one more project first.  Here's my block in progress.

The red flowers with petals are just too much fun to make.  I could make them all day long.  Here's a closeup.

I mentioned Dr. Dunton's book a few posts back as being a "must have" Baltimore album book.  Another great album book is Baltimore Album Quilts by Dena Katzenberg.  She was curator of a traveling exhibit of Baltimore album quilts (1980-82).  She put together a catalog of quilts - lots of color photographs and detailed photos.  Only 3500 copies were printed so the book is quite scarce.  I bought a copy several years ago, read it, then put it aside.  Took it on vacation to the NW last year.  Put it back where it belonged and promptly forgot where I put it.  Several weeks ago I thought it would be good to reread it and couldn't locate it.  I searched high and low to no avail.  Finally, I was so distressed I bought another copy.  Oh yeah - the next day I found my long lost copy.  So now I have two.  Oh well.....I'll use one as a working, I can drool on this one, copy and the other will be my too good to use copy.  Ever do something stupid like that?!

We have all been so saddened by the events in Joplin.  Sew Graceful Quilting is taking donations to help the victims.  You can read specifics in their current newsletter (just click on the newsletter tab on the right side).  I donated 3 kits and hope you'll take a few minutes to hunt up something to give. 

Since I've got Baltimore on the Brain today, I think I will close and work on the block.  Who knows, maybe I'll have a finished block to share next week?!