Sunday, June 12, 2011

Block 3 of Friends of Baltimore

I have decided the Friends of Baltimore blocks are just too darn much fun.  If I didn't have other commitments, I'd spend 8 hours a day working on them.  As it is, I fit a few pieces in here and there but am always thinking of them. 

Here is the third block.  It has smaller pieces than numbers 1 and 2 but was way too much fun. 

Notice the teeny tiny circles?  I have to admit they were a challenge.  You see......Karen K Buckley's Perfect Circles don't come that small so I had to cut my own circles.  Have you ever tried to cut a perfectly round circle out of freezer paper?  It's not easy.  

Of course, the lyre will have strings embroidered.  Actually, there's quite a bit of embroidery on every block but I'm saving that until the end to do.  I don't like to get out my embroidery "stuff" and then have to put it away and then get it out a few weeks later.  

I'm putting together a block of the month so better go and cut more kits.  I promise I won't let my mind wander while I'm cutting.  Focus.  Focus.  I can do this!


  1. I would think the stitching would have taken a good long time on this block. Lots and lots of flowers in the heart. Looks good even without the embroidery.

  2. Thanks Karen. Yes, there's lots of embroidery but it does add so much. Plus, kind of dreading trying to keep the lyre strings straight when I embroider them.

  3. I follow you now cause I love Baltimore quilts...:)

  4. Hi Esse
    We are two peas in a pod. Do you have a blog? Or favorite Baltimore blogs?