Sunday, November 14, 2010

Civil War Bride Quilt Block #8

The Civil War Bride Quilt is moving right along.  Here's block 8.  I will embroider the details after I've finished appliquing all the blocks.

I think the thing I've most enjoyed about this quilting journed is the diversity of challenges each block poses.  When I began planning this block, I knew exactly what I wanted to use for the pears.  I envisioned them like this.

I quickly realized this fabric was too muddy for my contemporary quilt.  So, I thought this would be the perfect pear.  I even fussy cut it so the flower motif on the fabric would become the top of the pear. 

Decided I didn't care for it either.  I finally settled on the fabric you see in the finished block.  I like how the green and yellow geometric shapes seem to create a roundness......ok......ok.......I'm over analyzing!

Even if I hadn't checked the calendar to see when Thanksgiving is I know it must be soon because my Christmas cactus is blooming.  My sister gave it to me years ago and it has never failed to bloom around Thanksgiving. 

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week.  Hope you have a great week.

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